This Dog Has The Cutest Bedtime Routine With His Pint-Sized Owner (Video)

I won't lie: Having a dog is a ton of work.

Once you get a dog, you'll be vacuuming every single day because there is so much goddamn fur everywhere. You're never quite sure if the dog tracked in dirt or poop, and there will, without question, be slobber all over your nice shoes because, well, that's just what dogs do.

Sure, that can be enough to turn some people off from getting a dog, but I will fill you in on another little secret: Having a dog is the absolute best.

Walking in after a long day of work and having a little creature freak out from pure excitement at just seeing your face will always make your day.

Having a buddy to go hiking with, or to the beach, or even just down the street is always a plus.

Don't believe me? Check out Baron the German Shepherd and his little human, Zander, as they get ready for bed.

Baron does what any best friend would do: He helps Zander clean up his room, says his prayers with him, tucks him in and gives a slobbery kiss goodnight.

Watch their entire bedtime routine above.