A Women-Only Taxi Service Launched In Paris And It Comes With Really Cool Perks


Female taxi drivers are about to take over Paris — and no, not in the city's traditional cabs. A new service called Women Drive is a women-only taxi service geared at, you might have guessed... women. The service, which can be booked online, is similar to your standard ride sharing app experience, but it comes with a few extra perks that are too good to pass up. The coolest of them being that all the drivers are women "dedicated to individuals and professional women."

On their website, Women Drive describes their target demographic with a compelling "presentation." They say,

You need a driver available at any time, without prying eyes or indelicate questions? You want to be heard fleeting, preserved and respected? You want to be listened, preserved and respected? Women Drive has been conceived for you.

You guys, Women Drive is for me — and for any gal who feels uncomfortable taking a cab alone. But more than that, the service is also for anyone who enjoys riding around in luxe style, as they have a "fleet" of Mercedes C-Class cars available to book. Each vehicle comes stocked with free water bottles, computer tablets, and even makeup kits to play with during your ride, Le Figaro reports.

I'm ready to book my trip all the way in New York City.

And that's the thing: Women Drive isn't singling out tourists, they're catering to them. Not only are their drivers multilingual, but they even have flat rates for time blocks at 50 euro per hour or eight hours for 350 euro (for things like "a complete tour of Paris or a shopping trip"). Beyond driving you 'round the City of Light, Women Drive also has personal concierge and shopping service to ensure you get the best experience possible.

I love everything about it. What do you think?