This Device Can Apparently Turn Off The Pain Caused By Your Period

Facebook/ Livia

There's a new way to avoid the pain of menstruation that doesn't involve slicing open your abdomen like it's Jimi Hendrix's forehead and dabbing a bunch of drugs on the open wound as you wait for sweet, soothing relief to find you.

Now, iPulse Medical brings you Livia, a device you can use by slapping two electrodes on your cramp-y parts and switching on the rechargeable power pack to pulse the pain away.

According to Daily Mail, clinical trials of Livia have gone well, with 163 women claiming they experienced “very successful results” from the device, which boasts a 15-hour charge and, for the average user, immediate relief.

I think I speak for all women, though, when I say the Hendrix urban legend is still very much on the table as a viable form of cramp therapy.

Oh, no? Just me? Fine, your loss.

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