Desperate Guy Dresses Up As His Mom To Buy Alcohol And They Look Identical


When life gives you lemons, dress up as your mom and buy alcohol.

In the UK, this actually works. Some guy took a picture of his friend delivering booze undercover as the woman who gave birth to him. I'm sure she's very proud.

He's gone full mom: dress, coat, scarf, hat and — most importantly — ID.

Good job he and his mom look eerily alike, same short bob haircut and everything.

The reward? A bottle of vodka and some glorious Mad Dog 20/20.

WOOOO, let the party commence.

Let's remember, the legal drinking age in the UK is 18, so these guys are seriously young to be tipping back the good stuff.

Although, saying that, I remember paying some bigger kid to get me and the crew a bottle of whatever after school one Friday evening.

He came back an hour later with the goods, and we took it back to my friend's house and waited for his parents to fall asleep before we had at it.

The bottle had been drained and refilled with water.

Wild night.

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