This Is The Depressing Number Of Days You'll Spend Hungover In Your Lifetime

It's been said that drinking alcohol is just borrowing happiness from tomorrow.

Let's be real: We all know what happens when you wake up after an epic night at the bar.

Yep, there's nothing worse than enduring the pounding headache and queasy stomach that accompanies a next-level hangover.

If you're wondering how many times you're going to make the same mistake of downing half-a-dozen tequila shots that ultimately result in a world of pain the next day, you're in luck.

Science just revealed the number of days you'll spend hungover in your lifetime, and you might want to stock up on water and Advil now because it's pretty depressing.

Healthspan Ruby Effervescent Vitamin C recently conducted a study that asked 2,000 participants to answer questions about their drinking habits.

The survey found that most adults over the age of 18 experience one hangover per month on average.

If you do the math and figure out how many days you'll wake up feeling like a part of your soul has died, the calculations work out to be somewhere around 724 days.

Yep, most of us will waste two whole years of our precious lives being miserably hungover.

If one hangover a month sounds nowhere near what you go through in a typical month, don't worry — you're not the only degenerate out there.

It turns out that one in every 20 of the people surveyed experience an average of six hangovers each month.

I don't know about you, but if you ask me, no amount of fun is worth dealing with that many hangovers each month.

In addition to probing participants about their horrible drinking habits, the survey also asked people about their snack preferences when they're feeling "tired and emotional," aka hungover AF.

Apparently, most people tend to share my personal philosophy that calories don't count when you're hungover and hangry because the top foods choices are salty snacks like pizza and bacon sandwiches.

As far as hangover remedies go, the survey found that people usually rely on water, fresh air, painkillers, hot showers and my usual go-to cure, being a lazy bum and staying in bed all day.

So yeah, based on these statistics, it might not be a bad idea to add "no more fireball shots" to your list of New Year's resolutions and invest in some hangover-free tequila.

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