This Delivery Guy Is Every Drunk Person's Dream Come True


It happens to the best of us — well, not to me, of course, because I have the willpower of Wolverine and the hunger of an imprisoned vampire. You order take out while drunk and fall asleep (presumably on the floor while watching "Air Force One" with a jar of mayonnaise) before the delivery person arrives.

This is what happened to one Twitter user, who'd ordered from a kebab place at 4 am. But, for once, this tragic tale had a happy ending.

The delivery man, despite calling many times and knocking endlessly in vain, left the food neatly hung on his door, so that he could have it when he woke up in the morning, presumably with a side of hangover vomit. By the way, he'd ordered it online, so the food was paid for already.

The important thing to notice here: He ordered meat with french fries, and also a side of french fires. This is some very drunk or stoned thinking here. Also that kebab meat, at this point, looks like orc flesh.

Most people considered the delivery person's actions here to be extremely kind.

It's certainly one way to see it. But, of course, I'm sure this delivery person wanted nothing more than to break down that front door and shove his order of fries with a side of fries into his slumbering nostrils. So, there is a distinct possibility that leaving the food as they did was a distinct act of passive aggression.

This was not lost on the Twitter user in question:

I think this is probably a lot more likely. But whatever the motivation, the fact of the matter remains: He had breakfast.