Woman Who Made 'Dear Fat People' Takes On Abortion In Her Latest Video


Two days after appearing on “The View,” where her comedy was brutally underappreciated, Nicole Arbour returned to the YouTube rant game with five minutes of coherent, laugh-out-loud comedy in “Why Abortion is WRONG!

Many viewers may find the title misleading because the Canadian comedienne seemingly supports the pro-choice movement, evidenced by several tweets from 2012.

Just like Arbour's other videos, "Why Abortion is WRONG!" features a total lack of research and factual support but plenty of desperate attempts to maintain footing on the low road, which is slippery and covered in jizz (LOL! Trying my own Arbour joke!).

Arbour spends most of the video talking about people she thinks should have been aborted -- a fantastic way to bolster the pro-choice platform and disseminate vital, accurate information.

The controversy queen's diatribe helped me realize one of her examples, Hitler, could have been stopped had his mom said,

My son will probs lead a massive genocide, so I better aborty-ma-lorty this baby while I still can!

Arbour understands the pro-choice crowd is really just fighting for the right to stop crime extra early, à la “Minority Report,” and if she has to do every amazing accent in her arsenal to help, she will.

Commentators and media already criticized Arbour for consistently exploiting low-hanging fruit and addressing taboo topics in ignorant and dangerous ways.

Though few successful comics employ the same technique, Arbour's ability to approach her comedy with neither intelligence nor effort yields videos my cousin's stepdad would probably refer to as “dynamite” before making me sit and watch his Carlos Mencia impression.

Pro-choice men and women will undoubtedly be pleased to have Arbour championing their cause and spreading knowledge the fun, crazy way, but just in case, plain yet accurate information on women's health options remains available on the Planned Parenthood website.

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