'Dear Fat People' Woman Tried To Defend Her Viral Video On 'The View' (Video)

I don’t think I’m alone when I say Nicole Arbour is the greatest comedian of all time.

Her jokes are riots, she has the voice of a cartoon surfer and she understands every person, even herself, can ultimately be boiled down to one harsh-but-true stereotype.

For example, Arbour plays up the persona of being very funny, smart, important and beautiful, but she is a woman, so she also talks often about having a hilarious cocktail of peroxide and jizz in her hair (LOL!!!!!!).

On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” Arbour had her whole arsenal of amazing funnies ready to go, but all the hosts wanted to talk about was Arbour's controversial “Dear Fat People” video (LAME).

She told a great joke about her hair to kick off the segment, but it was met with deafening silence (come on, audience, that banter was KILLER!).

Joy Behar tried to explain to Arbour how the model/comedian’s lack of experience with weight loss and obesity makes her video seem more like bullying than a satirical spin on a familiar perspective (MORE LIKE KILLJOY BEHAR!).

Arbour made sure to clarify multiple times in her interview the video was a just a joke because the best tool in a comedian’s belt is her ability to explain her jokes to her audience (are we supposed to just GET IT on our OWN?!).

Unwilling to be brought down by naysayers, Arbour tried the jizz-hair joke again, and the network bleeped it (are you KIDDING ME, ABC?!).

The panel cut to a response video created by Arbour in the wake of backlash following “Dear Fat People” in which the comedian reminds viewers everyone deserves to be made fun of for his or her stereotypes (Italian people DO all sound like the Mario brothers!!).

Arbour told a great poop joke referencing Whoopi’s introduction of the 30-year-old, and Whoopi didn't even laugh one bit (give it UP, Whoop).

The interview rolled on, and Arbour shared her dreams of being the lead in "Entourage" (TIGHT). Behar tried to give more advice on how to appeal to women (BARF), and Whoopi thanked the comic for showing up and facing the firing squad (thank YOU for finally GIVING IT UP, whoop-whoop).

All in all, “The View” couldn't break Arbour. The comedian got more publicity from her homemade rant videos than other female comics could ever hope to receive through hard work and a well-crafted routines.

P.S. Arbour haters, obesity is cured now. You're welcome.