No One Agrees On Which Of These Twins Is Older Thanks To Daylight Saving Time

Time can be a weird concept to grasp.

Thanks to things like time zones, two events can happen at the same exact moment in two different places, yet technically occur at different times.

Plus, daylight saving time can also cause a lot of confusion about what time things actually go down.

Don't believe me, just ask Emily and Seth Peterson.

In the wee hours of November 6, the Cape Cod couple welcomed twin babies into the world.

However, daylight saving time created a lot of confusion as to which one of the twins is actually older.

Meet the Cape Cod family whose newborn twins got stuck in a daylight saving time paradox — (@BostonDotCom) November 12, 2016

Emily's first baby boy, Samuel Peterson, arrived at 1:39 am, while the second twin, Ronan Peterson, was delivered 31 minutes later.

But by the time Ronan arrived, daylight saving time had already kicked in, thus, turing the clocks back one hour.

So technically, baby Ronan was born at 1:10 am, therefore making the younger twin "older" than his first born baby bro, Samuel.

Yep, talk about a birth announcement that doubles as a serious riddle.

Apparently, births like this are a pretty rare occurrence because, according to a Facebook post from the Cape Cod hospital, one of the maternity nurses, Deb Totten, revealed this was the first time she had ever seen something like in her 40 years of working as a nurse.

As you can imagine, this daylight saving time paradox is causing a lot of confusion, and now the Twitterverse is going crazy over these daylight saving time twins' birth order.

A lot of people are saying this whole ordeal is seriously bizarre.

In bizarre Daylight Saving Time twist, one twin who was born after the other in Massachusetts is older on paper. — ABC News (@ABC) November 11, 2016

While other Twitter users are trying to lend an explanation to those who are still confused about how the younger twin can actually be older.

1 twin was born at almost 2am, the other 31 minutes later, but because of Daylight Saving, the younger brother is technically older. — Just Joe With It (@IsThisShitOn) November 11, 2016

Some people proposed a way to clear up the confusion by making a note of the daylight saving time debacle on the twins' birth certificates.

@ABC @RES911CUE Hardly a difficult fix. Put the correct time zone and DST indications on each birth certificate. — Simon Zerafa (@SimonZerafa) November 11, 2016

Others poked fun at the strange situation by making jokes about the inevitable argument these brothers are going to have about who's really older.

Imagine the "I'm older" bickering between the kids in a few years — Heather Waldman (@AccuWaldman) November 11, 2016

Seriously, though, I think it's safe to say that this guy is totally spot on about what these twins are going to have to deal with every time someone asks about their ages.

Good luck explaining that to all the people you meet throughout your life — Jeremy Donovan (@jmdonovan9) November 11, 2016

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