This Woman Hilariously Reviewed All Her Bad Dates On Yelp (Photos)

When is the last time you tried a new restaurant without checking out its Yelp reviews?

Before trying anything new -- restaurants, hair stylists, bars, hotels, whatever -- I check out what other people thought of the service on Yelp. The harsher the review, the better.

Now, one NYC woman is changing the game by reviewing every single date she has ever been on and publicly displaying the date's rating on Yelp.


Natalie Walker, a 25-year-old actress, had only left a handful of reviews before Yelp yanked them (due to violating its terms), but every single one is perfect. Thankfully, Natalie shared the reviews on Twitter, as well, so we can all still enjoy them.

Don't feel bad for the guys in the reviews, either. Natalie tells Refinery29, none of her ex-boyfriends seem too upset about the reviews. She says,

The guy I went on a date with in the Hoffman Center tweet 'liked' it, and my ex who I dated for four-and-a-half years is super supportive. When I posted what I was doing on Facebook sans screenshots, he commented, but then he texted me and said, 'I just checked the review out. Pretty fair, all things considered.'

Check out a few of her reviews below.

Natalie gives a paltry one-star review for this sh*tty movie date.


Here, she gives another one-star review for her terrible high school boyfriend.


Natalie gave Cosi, the next-best thing to Panera, three stars for being a great place to shoplift on dates.


This would have been a five-star review if it weren't for the jean shorts.


What kind of rating would you give your last couple of dates?

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