Damn Daniel

The 'Damn, Daniel' Kids Are Back At It Again In Weezer's New Music Video

As far as I'm concerned, that "Damn, Daniel" kid finally “made it.”

After a few weeks of Internet stardom, the adoration of teenage girls around the globe and an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the "Damn, Daniel" guy officially made an everlasting mark on the world: cameo-ing in Weezer's new music video.

The video for “California Kids” was released today, and as much as Daniel himself is in this video, big props to Weezer for making sure to include the blonde surfer dude who filmed "Damn, Daniel" and actually coined the phrase.

Nobody seems to care who the blonde guy really is, making him an unspoken victim in DD's rise to fame. He's like an unpaid Carole King, except he never got a musical made about him.

Weezer giving some props to the cell phone-camera guy behind the trend is the classiest move in Internet history.

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