Dad's Compilation Vid Of His Daughter Growing Up Will Make You Sob — WATCH


June is finally here, and it's officially the most emotional time of year for high school seniors who are getting their caps and gowns ready for graduation day.

Getting older and moving on is huge deal for teenagers, but it's just as tearjerking and monumental for their parents.

(Trust me, my mom and dad were sobbing from the stands during my high school graduation. It's a big deal, guys.)

Kevin Scruggs, father-of-two and loving husband from Seattle, anticipated his daughter's graduation day 12 years ago and decided to create a compilation video that's so touching it'll make you sob.

For the video, he interviewed his daughter, Mackenzie, on her first day of school every year since first grade. Kevin released it on YouTube over the weekend and it went viral in a matter of days.

The video begins with a clip of 6-year-old Mackenzie being interviewed on the first day of first grade by Kevin, and ends with a clip of her as a senior being interviewed 11 years later. Trust me, the interviews in between will seriously warm your heart.

Heck, I don't even know Mackenzie, but I'm feeling insanely emotional right now. Grab a tissue and watch.

See?! I told you to grab a tissue.

Side note: Can I just say that I can totally relate to Mackenzie with a few things? For starters, I wasn't a fan of the bus in 9th grade, either -- and I was definitely looking for cute boys in 10th.

Anyway, Elite Daily asked Kevin -- who refers to himself as a "sentimental guy" -- what inspired him to make such a touching video for his graduating daughter.

He tells us,

I knew there was going to come a day when they [his daughters] were going to grow up and move out, and go onto greater things in life. So, I just wanted to do this thing to memorialize them, their lives, and capture this first day of school. I knew when they graduated it would be fun for us to look back and kind of watch them grow up.

Kevin says "them" because he is currently working on the same type of video for Mackenzie's younger sister, which will be released in two years when she graduates.


Elite Daily asked Kevin how he wants people to feel after watching his video, and his answer is inspirational to teens and parents alike.

He begins by telling us, "I don't want anybody to feel bad."

Instead, he's wants everyone to know that parents have different ways of making memories with their kids, and that his were just caught on video.

He urges, "Keep engaging with your kids, keep making those memories, and show up every day. That's what it is, because my daughter just turned eighteen and she's going off to college."

Kevin Scruggs

Kevin tells Elite Daily that he didn't think his video would go viral, but it already has over 1 million views that have accumulated in a mere five days.

It's obvious people are feeling pretty damn emotional over it -- myself included.

According to Kevin, Mackenzie and her friends have gotten a big kick out of the sudden popularity. I think it's safe to say she'll definitely be breaking this video out throughout her college years whenever she needs a trip down memory lane.