Dad's Adorable Reason For Buying Daughter An Umbrella Will Make You Ugly Cry

by Alexandra Svokos

Nevaeh Sotelo's dad bought her an umbrella.

This may seem like a nice dad just being a dad, making sure his daughter didn't get drenched in the rain.

But it meant a lot more to the 15-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas.

It wasn't just a functional umbrella. It was a stylish one, too -- and one where the style has a whole lot of symbolism.

Nev, as she normally goes by, came out as a lesbian on October 21, 2015, she told BuzzFeed. She said,

It was really hard for me because I wasn't too sure how much of my family would be accepting.

As it so happened, her father, Robert, became "one of my biggest supporters" since she came out in 2015.

Nev told BuzzFeed,

My dad is a strong believer in equality, as am I. He knows that everyone should be treated with the same respect no matter your gender, sexuality, race, or anything in between.

She added he's "brave" and "not afraid to speak up about things."

This past week, Nev posted on Twitter to show just how much her dad supports her in the small ways that we all know matter the most.

Nev tweeted that her dad bought her an umbrella. She wrote,

how adorable is it that my dad goes above and beyond to show that he accepts me

The tweet included three pictures. One showed the umbrella, which is a rainbow like the LGBT flag. Another was a screenshot of a text.

The text had a photo of her dad holding the umbrella. It read,

He got you this rainbow umbrella It says be you be true be awesome

The third photo in Nev's tweet shows the "be you, be true, be awesome" sign inside the umbrella.

Robert, her father, told BuzzFeed,

I bought it for her because I know at her age it's hard to be accepted in this cruel world we live in and not one moment do I want my daughter to forget that her dad loves her no matter what.

Nev said,

He reminds me everyday that he loves me and who I am with small gestures like these.

And then Robert gave one of those swoon-worthy comments that makes you want to hug the world with all the love the comment has. He said,

I want her to know on those stormy and rainy days as she's holding up that umbrella that I am there to protect her just like the umbrella is there to protect her from the rain.

Nev's tweet about her dad started going viral. Robert said he's "glad other kids are seeing it."

So they can see there are other good people out here who support you. Embrace who you are and never let it bring you down.

Can we get him to give us pep talks about how special we are every day???

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