Dad's Text To Daughter About Alpaca In Peru Goes Viral

When you find someone you truly love, never let them go -- even if that "someone" is an alpaca from Peru.

A Twitter user named Alexandria Neonakis recently shared screenshots of texts sent by her father while he was in South America, and apparently, he became infatuated with the fuzzy creature.

In a string of messages, her dad, Dimitris, sent Alexandria a photo of a wooly alpaca. He excitedly wrote,

This was the absolute SOFTEST and most HUGGABLE animal EVER. It is an Alpahaca. I just couldn't stop hugging it and kissing it and putting my face on it's thick soft wool.

To make sure Alexandria knew just how much he loved the alpaca, he sent her a few more texts claiming the animal "kept him laughing."


Apparently, his texts had Alexandria laughing just as hard, so she shared the photos in one tweet. Her description said,

My dad is in Peru having a meltdown over alpacas.


How can you blame him, though? That alpaca looks like the coziest, most peaceful animal I've ever laid eyes on. I'd want to cuddle the heck out of him too, if I had the chance.

It's only been one day since Alexandria shared her photos of her father's new obsession, and her tweet has already gotten over 50,000 likes and over 25,000 retweets (I was definitely one of them).

One tweet summed up most of the responses, saying Alexandria's father made 2016 "so much better."


Apparently, other Twitter users are claiming alpacas are "magical."


Could you imagine if everyone had access to a soft, wooly alpaca every day? In my opinion, there'd be a lot less hate in the world.

Look at that face.


Let's all take a breather and visit an alpaca farm in the future. Something's telling me we definitely won't regret it.

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