Worst Dad Ever Uses Squirrel To Pull Out Daughter's Loose Tooth

Yeah, you read that right. A squirrel.

To be fair, you can't knock this dad for his creativity, but that doesn't make it any less weird.

Here's how he did it: dental floss, granola, loose tooth ... simple.

The results were surprisingly conclusive. So much so that dentists all over America are poised to roll out squirrel extractions. Not really, you idiot.

The dad explains,

We're going to remove a tooth with a squirrel. So check this out: We've got a little dental floss tied to a rope with some granola on it. When the squirrels come they're going to run off with the tooth.

It doesn't take long for one to spot the snack and run off with it.

The guy shouts,

He's got the piece — did it work? Is the tooth out?

It sure did, Dad. The squirrel scampers up a tree and the tooth is left hanging off a branch. The guy's so impressed with himself and can't stop laughing. Congratulations, you're an odd father, and we absolutely judge your parenting skills.

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