Dad Has Zero-Shame Response For Sending Nude Pic

A father shamelessly sent his sons a revealing picture of himself without clothes, and his explanation for sending the "nude" is oddly inspiring.

Before you freak out and question why this dad would willingly send his kids a naked photo, rest assured absolutely none of his, um, "privates" are showing.

OK? Calm down, everyone. It's fine.

Imgur user  shared the screenshot of his alleged family group chat, where his dad sent a picture of himself posing for the camera completely naked.

Again, don't freak out.


Apparently, he sent the picture to show his sons the road rash he got when his bike crashed, and the wounds are pretty damn nasty.

In the photo, he's posing with his bloody leg elevated for the camera, along with his wounded forearm and knee.

See? Those scrapes look painful AF.

Judging from the conversation, this kind of message doesn't seem too out of character for this prideful father.

After he sent his bloody picture, his son sarcastically said,

Also thanks for sending me a naked picture dad. Young men love photos of their naked father.

Good one!

Just when you'd think this dad would have elaborated on the reason behind sending this picture, he gives his son the best response possible.

"I'm not naked. I'm wearing a watch."

Well, I guess the watch is on the other wrist because he definitely looks naked to me.

Either way, we have to give him credit for owning his bod.

After EWhiskeyM shared the screenshot of his dad's text message to Imgur, he got a few responses he probably wasn't expecting.

Most of 'em were from the ladies, if you catch my drift.

They're lovin' his bod. 


Some women would tend to his every need.


Others want to date him.


A few ladies commented on his physique...


...and some are jealous they didn't get any naked pics.


"I'd call him daddy too... "


They're swooning over his abs.


They're crushing on him pretty damn hard. 


These women are showering him with compliments. 


Well, that took a weird turn.

Hmm, I wonder if EWhiskeyM's dad knows his nude is on Imgur right now...

Something tells me he wouldn't care.

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