Dad Films Entire Vacation In Selfie Mode And It's The Best Thing You'll Ever See

Dads have a knack for embarrassing the souls out of their children. Unless you belong to some mystical unicorn family, your teenage years probably involved routine humiliation, and 90 percent of the time, it probably involved your dad.

No matter how bad it got, though, it could always be worse.

Take this fatherly figure of fail, for instance: While on vacation in Las Vegas, an Irish patriarch (whom I'll lovingly call the 'Dad of all Dads') decided to film practically every step he took with his trusty GoPro camera and selfie stick.

That's pretty embarrassing.

But what's more embarrassing is the clueless caregiver held the camera backward the entire time, unwittingly filming himself and not much else.

You know that moment when you go to take a picture of something in the distance only to realize a second later that the camera is on front-facing mode? That is exactly what this video is: A full four minutes and seventeen seconds of that awkward, awful moment (bad angles and all).

Vice writer Joel Golby nailed it when he described the footage as the “most dad thing to ever happen on the Internet.”

So watch “An Irishman in Vegas,” below (courtesy of said Irishman's son, Evan Griffin), and tell your dad you love him -- because if Evan Griffin can embrace his dad's dad-ness, you can embrace yours, too.

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