Dad Gets Cute Note From Daughter Before Trip But It May Be Ruse To Get Souvenir

by Robert Anthony

For as long as I can remember, I always told myself I never wanted to have kids.

Most of my reasoning stemmed from the fact I just wanted to rage like a madman for 100 years straight and having kids kind of prevents that.

I outgrew my one-dimensional stance on being a parent after I realized kids are actually awesome AF. The realization came on Monday after I stumble upon something adorable a father's daughter left in his luggage for him.

Hint: It wasn't this...

Reddit user Endustry1994 found a heartwarming, handwritten note from his baby daughter in his suitcase. Now, this isn't just any old note. This note proves we're not actually living in hell.

Confirmed: This is Earth and sometimes, it can be a beautiful place filled with beautiful little souls. The Redditor shared the note in a post titled "Joys of Parenting - Found in Suitcase on a Business Trip."

The note, attached to a stuffed elephant toy, simply reads,

Dear Daddy, You can use Dumbo. I love you. Good morning. Goodnight. Sweet dreams. I love you to the moon and back. Also get me a souvenir. Love, Tatertot

Yeah, where's my wife? Let's have kids.

Who wouldn't want to randomly find a note like THAT in their luggage during a business trip?! You'd have to be evil not to at least shed a single tear.

Of course, the actual note was way cuter due to the fact it was littered with grammatical errors and smilies. Check it out!


I know what you're thinking because I thought the same exact thing. This is the cutest thing you've seen in a while. I know, I know...

But I'd like to point out the fact this may have just been a ruse to force her dad to snag a sweet souvenir for her from the gift shop. I mean, let's be real here.

It is very likely the real purpose of this note is the very last sentence...

Also, get me a souvenir.

There are three possibilities here. The first is his daughter is low-key threatening his life if he doesn't get her a gift (peep the maniacal smiley).


The second possibility is this man's significant other wants to make sure he actually is where he says he is. What better way to accomplish that than to ask your daughter to ask him for a souvenir?

The third possibility is probably the real backstory here: She's just being cute.

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