This Dad Created A Hilarious Homemade Selfie Stick For The Best Reason


Today's unlikely source of inspiration comes from this one-of-a-kind dad. He stuck two fingers up at society and made his own selfie stick.

But he didn't do this so he could take pics of himself (or any other human, for that matter). He was more interested in the birds nesting in a tree outside his house.

Just take a look at this beauty:


It's proof that all you need in life is a broom, an iPhone 6 Plus and imagination.


Also, he's apparently a big fan of "Ant-Man," which we strongly condone.

Reddit user Qgin documented his dad's awesomeness in a post. It then found its way onto Imgur.

He wrote, "I (laughing of course) ask what are going to do with a ghetto selfie stick? He replies 'come outside with me, and i'll show you'."

And show him, he did:


DAAAAMN! Thanks, pops, for showing us there's still innocence left in the world.


OK pops, it's time to leave them alone now. Someone take that thing away from him.

He signs off the pictures with, "As funny as it was, it was still pretty dope. My pops, will never cease to amaze me."