This Dad Catching A Baseball While Holding His Daughter Defines Multitasking

One dad knows how to catch a ball, but not just any ball. A ball flying probably a bajillion miles per hour from the outfield at a Phillies versus Blue Jays baseball game -- all while holding his baby daughter in his other arm.

The most insane part? While other fans in the stands are flailing wildly to grab it themselves, he stays sitting and catches the ball without even blinking. Clearly it's a feat of multitasking and responsible parenting considering this guy doesn't even flinch when the ball comes speeding toward his face. Watching it in slo-mo only proves this point.

However, his daughter doesn't seem that impressed. It probably has something do with the fact that her nap was seriously interrupted by the fly ball, which we can all totally sympathize with.

Watch the video below to see this multitasking pro in action. And don't forget to call your own amazing, multitasking dad this Father's Day.

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