Creepy Note Found In 1968 Time Capsule: 'I Am Dead'

You'd think that a note found in a time capsule from the '60s would be the chillest, right?

Heck, if I found one, I'd expect to read about the coolest bands and the hippest fashion of the psychedelic era.

Maybe there'd even be a joint or two rolled up at the bottom of the bottle for old times' sake.

A demolition crew from Albuquerque, New Mexico, was sorely disappointed on Tuesday when they found a note from 1968 because it was everything but trippy or nostalgic.

The first line of the note read "I am dead."

It was found amongst a group of other notes that were put into a time capsule by former Montgomery Elementary School students — but it was by far the creepiest of the bunch.


Paleofuture transcribed the entire note, and it's actually scary AF. It allegedly reads,

I am dead. I go to Montgomery School. That is the olden school name. I was born 1900. You auto now I dead. My favorite subject is spooking the police. I play the guitar. In case you don't know what it is, it is board with strings on then. I am 10 years old. See you later savages.


First, we're told about messages in a bottle written by guys high on cocaine, and now this?!

The 10-year-old who wrote the chilling note is apparently named Greg Lee Youngman, no one is sure if he's alive right now or not.

In fact, they aren't even sure if he was alive when he wrote it.

Maybe Greg was a guitar-playing ghoul who liked "spooking the police," or maybe he was just a youngster who wanted to play a trick on people of the future.

Either way, we're creeped out.

According to KRQE News, former students were notified that the time capsule had been discovered when construction began on the site of their old school.

In fact, many of them had the opportunity to see what their 10-year-old selves wrote.

Brad Clement, a former fourth-grade student, told KRQE that he wrote about his favorite TV shows which were "Lost in Space" and "The Monkeys."

Hmm, I wonder if he remembers going to school with the ghostly Greg Lee Youngman...

If not, then I'm convinced that this little dude was a phantom.

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