This Dad Gets Way Too Into His Music While Driving His Son To School (Video)

by Julian Sonny

The day I find out a baby's mine, I'm devoting my life to being a crazy dad just like Queenzflip. But until then, FOH.

This dad, alongside his son, Queenzflip Jr, is taking over Instagram simply by wildin' out on the car ride to school.

Bumping some of the flyest old school hip-hop tracks, this father cannot contain himself as he pretty much ruins his son's day before it starts.

This video of the two turning up to "Ante Up" by MOP with Busta Rhymes just went viral, and it's insane.

But if you thought that clip was crazy, part two is even crazier.

It doesn't matter who's in the man's car, really...

...but his junior always gets the best of it.

You can tell this father really loves his son.

For those of you who actually think Queenzflip Jr is getting hurt, he's not...

...because revenge is always around the corner!

OK, relax already, Dad.

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