Craigslist 'Missed Connections' For Burning Man Are Absurd


When you're at a festival and living in close proximity of 70,000 people in a desert thriving with art and creativity, the chances of meeting someone new are pretty damn high.

Take Burning Man, for example.

There's no question that festivalgoers in Black Rock City connected with one another to create an unforgettable weekend. Heck, some people even got temporarily married.

Although many lucky festival peeps made it back to reality with a new companion once the long weekend was over, there were many who weren't so fortunate.

The hopeless folks who lost touch with the strangers that they met at Burning Man posted their "missed connections" on Craigslist, and they're pretty absurd — yet, we can't help but wish them the best in the search.

Here are a few mind-boggling listings posted by separated Burning Man attendees.

And no, unfortunately, I don't know what a "Playa" is.

"Burning Man: Rob (w the voice) from Boston via New Jersey via Greenpoint - w4m"

"Burning Man: Michael / Red Feather we walked to the trash fence - w4m (San Francisco)"

"Burning Man: Freckled face beauty - m4w"

"Burning Man: searching for Aspen with the airstream - w4m (Black Rock City)”

"Shot roulette on E, should have proposed to you - w4m (Black Rock City)"

Based off of these cryptic posts, it looks like the weekend in the desert was definitely one helluva time.

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