How Often A Couple Has Sex May Be Determined By This One Thing

by Leigh Weingus

As a society, we love talking about sex. Are we having too much of it? Should we be having more? Are we sexually satisfied?

Well, here's a new piece of sex research for you to chew on: The amount of sex a heterosexual couple has generally depends on the woman in the relationship's personality traits.

For the study, conducted out of Florida State University, researchers asked 278 newlywed couples to take a personality test and then keep diaries for two-week periods, in which they recorded what they did on a daily basis and whether or not they had sex.


First, I know you're wondering how much sex couples had over a two-week period, so I'll just get that out of the way. The couples had sex two to four days of the two-week period, on average.

Now, which couples had more sex? If a woman tended to be open to new experiences and agreeable, the couple had more sex. The guy's personality traits, on the other hand, didn't seem to have an impact on how much sex the couple had.

Yep, sucks to be a guy.

Still, more sex isn't always better. A study conducted last year found couples only need to get it on once a week to maintain a healthy relationship.

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