Couple Waits 9 Years To Open Bizarre Gift Given To Them On Their Wedding Day

One couple left a wedding present unopened for nine years only for it to reveal the strength of their relationship.

Kathy and Brandon Gunn were given a present by Kathy's Great Aunt Alison with a card that read, “Do not open until 1st disagreement.”

The box came to mean a lot for their relationship, and whenever there were arguments that could warrant the opening of the box, Kathy and Brandon found a way of tackling the problem so that they didn't have to.

Kathy and Brandon only opened the box nine years on because they were going to attend a friend's wedding in the town of Kalamazoo, where they met and went to college, and wanted to find the perfect wedding gift.

On opening the box, they found separate instructions. The one addressed to Brandon contained two wine glasses, some money with the instructions to go and buy some wine and flowers and to run a bubble bath afterwards. The instructions for Kathy also contained money with the instructions to buy "pizza, shrimp or something you both like."

The simple yet thoughtful gift made the couple reflect on the strengths of their marriage:

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