Couple Unknowingly Reveals An Extra Surprise In Their Engagement Photo

by Taylor Ortega

One major life change at a time, people, please.

Your parents, coworkers and college buddies want to be thrilled for you, but try to ease the flow of information enough so everyone can process the message.

Alleged human woman Miranda Levy was too psyched to follow this advice and ended up revealing more than she'd intended.

Levy was overcome with joy when her boyfriend proposed to her.

The pair took a cutesy announcement photo on the couch and Levy hastily posted it to Facebook.

Rather than congratulate the couple, friends and family began asking questions about an item lingering in the corner of the photo.

Still unaware she had overlooked the box of pregnancy tests in the photo, Levy asked why loved ones assumed she was expecting.

Cornered with no other option, Levy made her second announcement of the day.

Congratulations to the future Kellys and, in the event this photo isn't a hoax, may they live wonderful lives of total transparency.

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