Couple Has Meet-Cute At Women's March With Internet's Help

We told you already the Women's March itself wasn't the end of action.

To make real change, we have to keep making moves to uphold our rights and values.

This is also true, apparently, when it comes to seeing an attractive man.

After the Women's March on Saturday, Sophie Stummvoll‎, who marched in London, posted to the London march Facebook page about a new crush she found at the march.

Stummvoll posted a photo of a handsome, bearded white man holding a sign reading, "Fuck The Patriarchy." As a white man, he could've been holding it up as a Tru Ally or as a Self-Aggrandizing White Guilt Man (or, most likely, a healthy mixture of the two), but in any case, he has a cute face.

Stummvoll wrote,

So I was too shy to say anything to you during the march, but to the lovely and tall gentleman leading the chant for equality and graciously holding up "FUCK THE PATRIARCHY" I have a bit of a crush on you and should you ever be interested in discussing any of the above matters with me (pictured bottom left) my inbox is open!

Her post started going viral on the page, racking up comments, likes and shares as people did their best to help Stummvoll #findequalitybae.

She told Mashable,

I was really kicking myself for not talking to him at the march because the guy looked like just my type, and really, where better to find a true bae than at a feminist rally?

With all the social media sharing, Equality Bae, aka Morgan Edward Davies, was found.

Davies posted on the Facebook page with a screenshot of their message exchanges.

He said they found each other, and "drinks are on the cards." The messages show they plan to meet up when they're both back in London.

So we solved that problem. Love is alive. Gender equality, however, still needs work. Maybe if we could make it go viral on Facebook or something.

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