Adorable Couple Gets Remarried After Divorcing Nearly Two Decades Ago

A Scottish couple who divorced several decades ago fell back in love and tied the knot once again.

According to The Telegraph, Roz and Ian Ellis got married in December of 1968, close to two years after they first met at a bar in the hotel Roz's parents managed.

The retired medical secretary and teacher, both from Aberdeen, Scotland, went on to have three sons, who gave them eight grandchildren.

They divorced in 1991 due to what can only be referred to as natural causes.

Roz reportedly said,

We drifted apart and decided to call it a day. We stayed friendly, and we'd see each other at family gatherings. Ian went down south and I stayed in Scotland, and we both remarried.

Their second spouses since died.

But when their son Stewart got married in August of 2013, Roz and Ian apparently began to realize how much they still enjoyed each other's company.

One of their other sons, Ian Jr, lives in Tasmania with his family, so he stayed with his father for the wedding. Roz constantly went over to her ex-husband's home to see her son and grandchildren during the wedding festivities -- and after.

She reportedly said,

After Ian and the family went home, I just carried on popping over. We'd go out to the theatre, out for dinner, on holidays -- and it sort of blossomed from there.

By January of 2014, they determined the spark was most definitely still there and chose to officially become a couple.

Roz, 66, moved back in with Ian, 71, about four months later.

Things went so well over the following eight months they could not deny what had to be done next: get married a second time.

Roz reportedly said,

Everyone was very happy for us. Our first wedding was a big traditional affair, so we didn't feel the need to do it again -- we decided to keep it quite low-key with our family and friends. Everyone said it was such a lovely romantic story -- I never thought we'd get married again, but I'm so happy that we did.

Ian Jr served as best man for the January 3 ceremony while the bridal party was made up of Roz and Ian's grandchildren.

According to The Telegraph, Roz described her second marriage as coming "full circle."

After walking down the aisle at the Norwood Hall Hotel, she slipped on the same wedding ring Ian gave her almost 50 years ago.

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