Cops' Adorable Plea To Return Couple's Lost Wedding Album Goes Horribly Wrong


The police of West Yorkshire in the UK thought that they were doing a good deed.

They posted some photos on Facebook of a wedding photo album that had been recovered from a garbage can (or as the Brits call it, a "bin.")

They wrote in the post,

People began speculating about the album in the comments of the Facebook post.

The top comment read,

Someone asked why the police thought that the owners would want the photo album back. The department responded that the album had been found in a bin that doesn't belong to the owners, therefore making it seem like maybe it was stolen or something similar.

They said,

Speculation continued on Twitter, where someone again asked if it could've been thrown out after the couple had split up. The police department appeared to be beginning to have their doubts:

After several hours, the mystery was solved. All of the police department's high hopes about love suddenly disappeared.

It turns out that the couple did NOT want the photo album back.

The police updated the original Facebook post, saying,

They added on Twitter that it was #awkward...

Someone confirmed in the comments on Facebook that the couple had split up, which is exactly why they didn't want the album back.

Although the police department may not believe in love anymore, they did take the experience in stride.

At least SOME people are optimistic.

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