No One Can Tell If This Color-Changing Dress Is Fake Or Not

If you're incredibly indecisive when it comes to picking out the perfect #OOTD, you might want to pay attention.

Showpo, an Australia-based online boutique retailer, recently posted a video on YouTube that showcases one of its latest fashion innovations.


It's an epic dress that will have you tickled pink, feeling blue or dressed in whatever color suits your fickle mood -- without ever having to switch outfits.

That's right. These stylish geniuses just made a mindblowing dress that changes colors with the simple push of a button right before your very eyes.


In the video, uploaded by Showpo's CEO Jane Lu, the Showpo team watches in awe as they test out the color-changing dress for the first time, using only an iPad to transform the dress from white to pink to blue and then finally to purple.


While, there's no denying that this chameleon couture looks insanely cool, it turns out a lot of people simply aren't buying it and actually think that this video is just a hoax.


In fact, skeptical YouTubers have even been posting comments on the video that call Showpo out for posting a bogus dress.


Some people are asking why Showpo didn't explain how the dress works in their video, while other suspicious viewers are raising a valid point that this changing dress would be easy to create using video editing software.


However, a spokesperson from the company, Kelly McCarren, spoke to about the new project and said,

Jane has always wanted to be innovative and ahead of the game when it comes to technology.

McCarren also revealed that the dress isn't controlled by some sort magical fairy powers.

Apparently, the dress is made with a special fabric that reflects different light frequencies.

The dress is wirelessly hooked up to a device that controls the specific frequency of light it reflects, therefore letting you change its color with the tap of a button.

While we still don't know whether or not this thing is real, I think most ladies would agree that having a color-changing dress in our wardrobes would be a total dream come true.

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