College Students Get Caught Having Sex...In The Middle Of A Classroom


These kids completely misinterpreted what extra credit means.

Two college students in China were caught having sex right in the middle of their classroom.

Another student, who caught the pair at it, managed to capture the moment on Weibo (Chinese Snapchat, basically) and posted it on the internet.

While most students have probably thought about getting laid in the classroom, few have actually achieved it, and fewer have been unlucky enough to be caught on film.

And the chalk board, wooden desks and barred windows only add an extra sense of the forbidden to the scene.

But if you think sex in a classroom is bad, then you are in for a real treat.

One couple couldn't even make it inside and had to make do with a library entrance.


Another pair was caught making the most of a traffic jam... in a taxi.


One couple managed to have sex on a sidewalk. That's right, a sidewalk.

Man wearing Nike jumper has sex with bent over girlfriend in middle of a PAVEMENT — OneNewsSource (@OneNewsSource) July 23, 2016

This is pretty bad. Especially since the photo made the town in which it was taken (Sukharevo, Russia) famous.

But the winner has got to be the biker who managed to have sex on a public highway. Serious skills.

This, perhaps unsurprisingly, also took place in Russia.

So if you are looking to spice up your sex life, maybe make like the Russians and take it outside.