Guy Orders 'Coffee And Baileys' And Gets Something So Very Different


With chilly weather just around the corner, we need to make sure we're on our A-games when ordering coffee.

But, a good coffee order is nothing without a good barista — and I'm not talking about the ones that'll shame you for saying "small" instead of "tall."

I'm talking about the ones that will avoid turning your coffee into a salad.

One unlucky Reddit user, Rios93, was cursed with a barista who was obviously new to the trade.

The poor guy or gal hadn't the slightest clue how to make a classic "coffee and Baileys," and we can't help but feel a little bad for 'em.

When asked to do so, the perplexed barista served the user a cup of black coffee with a side of actual bay leaves.

Yup. They served "coffee and bay leaves" instead of "coffee and Baileys."


How the hell did they even get these leaves in the first place?!

Did they run outside in a mid-shift panic and scrounge the sidewalk for some foliage?

Either way, I can't even imagine the look on the customer's face when they were served black coffee and a "side salad" instead of the sweet, warm alcoholic coffee beverage that they asked for.

Now, we're left with questions: Did the barista actually think the customer said "bay leaves," and, if there was even the slightest hesitation, why didn't they ask someone for help?

I guess they were confident in their abilities, which definitely backfired.

A different Reddit user, Surinical, agreed that the barista was overconfident, but not confident enough to actually merge the coffee and the leaves. He said,

They were confident enough to not question it but not enough to go ahead and put the leaves in the coffee.

Heck, if the barista did put the leaves in the coffee, maybe he would've been onto something — like a weird new "coffee tea."

But still, it would have been nowhere even close to a coffee and Baileys.