Twitter Is Pissed AF About How 'Clown Lives Matter' Is Actually A Thing


I hate people. I hate people so much.

At first, I hated people who dressed up as creepy clowns to scare their neighbors as some part of "clown hoax" that is currently sweeping the nation.

Some of them are even chasing kids with knives.

Like, get a job? Who has this much free time to dress up as a clown and chase people?

I didn't think I could hate anyone more.

Until I learned that there will now be a "Clown Lives Matter" protest to prove to children that there are good clowns out there.

Like... bruh... why the fuck would you use the "Black Lives Matter" movement as a jumping off point for your stupid clown nonsense?

Honestly, I am convinced that the only thing worse than those idiots scaring people dressed as clowns are the even bigger idiots who created "Clown Lives Matter."

Apparently, the University of Arizona is a place where creepy clowns like to congregate, because what else is there to do in Arizona?

In response, professional clowns in Tucson, Arizona are having a protest. Protesters are encouraged to wear full makeup.


But, like... OK, guys.

If you want to show people that clowns are "not psycho killers," which I have hard evidence that they ARE (please see "It"), why would you choose this image for your poster?

Who's in charge here? Where's the graphic designer?

Reverend Reginald Walton, the chairman of the Arizona Black Lives Matter campaign, said,

The recent events in this country involving clowns has gripped the nation and caused an epidemic of fear. The notion of a Clown Lives Matter rally is insensitive, as the issue of police brutality and violence is a serious issue and the clown issue is not as important. The Clown Lives Matter rally takes away the focus of a serious issue in this country that we are working with law enforcement and the community to resolve.

Twitter could not agree more.

This type of thing just further embarrasses us.


It was a horrible thing to wake up to see was trending...

When you realize America is filled with morons...



People do realize being a clown is a chosen, hilarious profession?


Apparently, people who wear clown make up by choice are more important than POC??????


We need to know Mr. Trump's response.