The Most Attractive People In The United States Live In This City

Sorry, Mississippi. Y'all a bunch of garbage monsters stuffed into Ole Miss Rebels sweatpants.

For as long as the states were carved out onto maps, there has been a debate as to which area has the best-looking people.

Is an LA face with an Oakland booty more appealing than an uptown girl? Is Georgia rightfully on our minds? Did all of our beautiful exes move down to Texas?

Thanks to mobile dating app Clover, we now have SCIENCE and an infographic to help us settle the debate.

More like, “MAN-tana.” AMIRIGHT, LADIEZ!?!?!?!

Also, more like, I wanna “Connect” 'N' “cut”... OK, nevermind. You get it.

That's a hard state to sexualize with words.

So to recap, if you want to score some primo tush, you should consider buying property in Montana or Connecticut. If you want to score some primo tush but are worried about commuting, you should check out Manhattan or Jacksonville (really?!).

Meanwhile, if you don't want your kids looking like botched science experiments meant to militarize some of our planet's least attractive sea creatures, you're going to want to avoid Mississippi, Oklahoma City, Rhode Island and Sunnyvale -- a city I literally had to Google because I never heard of it before.

The only thing I currently know about Sunnyvale is it's maybe in California and has ugly men.