Neighborhood's Christmas Lights Display Is Magical

When Thanksgiving weekend rolls around, one of my favorite things in the world to do is cut down the ~prime~ Christmas tree and decorate my house for the holiday.

Since I was a little girl, I believed my neighborhood turned into a straight-up Christmas wonderland.

Every house on each of the four corners has friendship candles and gorgeous wreaths hanging above the windows.

Pine trees are wrapped in white lights, and fences are decked out in garlands and bright red bows.

If you're as much of a Christmas fanatic as this gal over here, you'll surely love what I'm about to show you.

Welcome to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. This place may seem like your typical neighborhood… but you are so incredibly mistaken.

Something truly magical happens in Dyker Heights once December hits.

And if you're thinking it involves gumdrops and nutcrackers… you're on the right path.

This town gets into the holiday spirit like no other to the point where it's literally glowing.

One step inside this enchanted place will make you feel like you've been transported directly to the beautiful town of Whoville from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

The entire neighborhood comes together to share the joy of the season so much that Santa himself would be v. proud.

The people of Dyker Heights deck the whole neighborhood out in breathtaking lights displays and the most festive decor.

People on social media are buzzing about this Christmasy town.

They're literally blowing UP our feeds with pictures of the homes covered in red, green and white lights.

OH HEY THERE, SANTA. Obvi our main dude has to make a grand appearance...


I'm not going to lie... I'm KINDA SCARED of this one.


UM, HOLD UP ONE SEC HERE… Are we in the North Pole or nah?

Things are looking super ~lit~ up.

No joke, Dyker Heights looks cozy AF this season.

Look at these ginormous… nutcrackers though.

This house with an intricate lights display really deserves an award.

Seriously, when the heck do I move into one of these real-life gingerbread houses?

For real — do elves low-key live here too or what?!

BRB, I'm going to Dyker Heighs and probably not coming back until January.