Chrissy Teigen Supports Planned Parenthood And DGAF About Twitter Hate


On Friday, three people were tragically killed at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

The events were horrific enough to spur President Obama to make a statement, saying,

Planned Parenthood has long been a lightning rod of controversy, with many falsely believing the family-planning service only performs abortions.

In reality, a mere 3 percent of the services Planned Parenthood provided in 2014 were abortion-related.

Model/actress/TV host Chrissy Teigen learned the hard way that changing hearts and minds about Planned Parenthood is difficult business.

On Friday, Teigen tweeted,

Chrissy's tweet was met with both instant support and hate from both sides.

However, because this is Chrissy Teigen we are talking about, she was quick to let the haters know how she felt about them.

She additionally tweeted,

Chrissy did have one high-profile supporter backing her up on Twitter: her husband John Legend.

And just to make sure she was spreading her cash around fairly, Chrissy also made a donation to the Colorado Springs Police Department, which you can also do here.