BF Says GF's Choker Makes Her Like 'Spongebob' Character

Let's face it: If there's anything a girl doesn't want her boyfriend to call her, it's "Pinhead Larry."

I'm going to go out on a limb and say no one wants to be compared to a snaggletoothed starfish personified by Patrick Star, but that's just me.

Ironically, a Twitter user who was confident she looked cute AF with a pale pink shirt and a black-string choker was compared to the character by her boyfriend, and we can't help but giggle.


In a tweet, she shared the above photo with the caption,

Thought I looked cute as hell today and my boyfriend told me I look like Pinhead Larry.

Um ...


I hate to admit it, but she kind of does look like him if you compare from her neck down.

(Her face obviously looks nothing like his, but that's a given. She's a beaut, no doubt.)

However, you definitely can't deny the similarities between their black chokers and her "starfish pink" shirt (yes, I made that color up — call Crayola for me).

Incase you're skeptical or simply forgot who Pinhead Larry is, allow me to dive deep into your childhood and remind you with this "Spongebob" clip:

dw573 on YouTube

Oh, the nostalgia.

After watching a few seconds of Pinhead, I'm sure you can see a slight comparison, can't you?

Apparently, the woman wasn't too offended by her boyfriend's comparison, because she changed her Twitter name to Pinhead Larry.

Her tweet went viral, and already accumulated over 50,000 likes and 18,000 retweets.

Amongst the thousands of Twitter users who responded, many of them defended Tessa, calling her "pretty" and "the cutest Pinhead Larry" they've ever seen.


OK, it's obvious she rocks the Pinhead Larry look.

Who knows, maybe Patrick Star will be the trendsetter this winter? Based off a recent tweet by Tessa, she said she's "probably still going to wear this outfit."

Keep rockin' the look, girl. Pinhead Larry has nothing on you.

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