Chipotle Is Trying To Make A Big Comeback By Opening A Burger Place


Your favorite burrito bowl place, Chipotle, likes to venture away from Mexican food from time to time.

Can you blame it? Chipotle has mastered the art of guacamole goodness and has even tried its hand at making pizza and noodle bowls.

Now, it's going for the burger.

Chipotle announced on Thursday that its first burger place called Tasty Made will open in Lancaster, Ohio later this fall. Continuing Chipotle's quality ingredient practices, Tasty Made will only use natural ingredients from local sources that won't contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives. We're talking fresh buns and quality beef, people.

Tasty Made won't just be about the burgers either. It will also offer milkshakes. Hell yes, Chipotle! Now you're speaking my language.

While I will never betray my one true burger-and-shake-chain love, Shake Shack, I would always rather get a burger from a place that uses quality ingredients. So, not Five Guys.

This new venture is coming in the wake of a low point for Chipotle. I mean, with its health scare earlier this year, this burrito chain has definitely seen better days.

While Chipotle's other chains, Pizzeria Locale and ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, haven't exactly become popular yet, maybe Tasty Made will be the company's next hit.

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