Someone Finally Wrote 'And Chill' On The Sign Outside Netflix's Headquarters

Netflix has no chill.

Yesterday, a sneaky spray painter defaced the sign outside of Netflix's headquarters in Los Gatos, California, adding "and chill" beneath the company logo in dark blue paint.

Paired with the red text and white of the background, the new logo seemed almost patriotic — fitting, considering "Netflix and chill" is modern America's favorite pastime.

A passerby snapped a picture of the artist in action, as he vandalized the sign in broad daylight (on the side of a busy road, no less).

The new-and-improved marker of the Netflix HQ caused excitement on Twitter but, sadly, was short-lived. Just hours later, the California-esque reminder to chill was painted over, and the sign returned to its original state.

At least we know the words are still there in spirit.

Check out the work of art below.

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