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This Is The City You Should Move To If You're Looking To Fall In Love

In the most surprising twist of recent romantic history, Chicago -- a city that shares the name with a musical about spousal homicide -- was recently named the best city for dating.

“The Great Love Debate,” an event that tours nationally in an effort to give single audience members insight from a panel of relationship experts, dubbed the Windy City the ultimate place for finding love.

Brian Howie, a producer for the event, reportedly shared,

The Midwest overall is far more optimistic, hopeful and enthusiastic about all things love, dating, relationships.

He casually added,

There's new people coming to Chicago every day. Chicago's very vibrant.

Variety! Optimism! Romance! According to the Chicago Tribune, "The GLD” surveyed 35,000 audience members from 2014 onward to name Chi-Town the perfect setting to live out your rom-com dreams IRL.

Producers considered attractiveness, diversity of population, sense of civic pride, confidence in the dating scene and how happening the social scene is to calculate the dating data.

With spring rapidly approaching, Howie insisted indoor and outdoor activities lend themselves to increased success with prospective partners.

He said,

Between right now and the end of June, there's no excuses.

You hear that, lonelies? No excuses! If you're feeling squeamish about packing up and heading to somewhere as sexy as Chicago -- the Paris, France of the Midwest -- consider shooting for one of the other cities ranked in the top five.

Between Lexington, Kentucky, Charlotte, North Carolina, Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, there's surely a place where your inner Meg Ryan can lock down the perfect Tom Hanks.

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