'Cash Me Outside' Girl's Savage Oprah Diss To Dr. Phil Just Replaced 'Howbowdah'

Dr Phil

Thought you'd heard the last of "Cash Me Outside" girl? You were wrong. So. Very. Wrong.

But admit it: You're so glad she's still in your life.

The real-life meme -- actual name Danielle Bregoli -- has returned to "Dr. Phil" to finish what she started.

The 13-year-old (yeah, she's 13, HOWBOWDAH?) went head-to-head with the TV host for the second time, so she could finally get the help she needs as a problem-child/boost ratings for "Dr. Phil" to the max.

However, this time, the doctor wanted the upper hand, so he invited her in for a chat without an audience.

It obviously threw her off. When she entered the room to empty chairs, she was all like,

Where is everybody? There's no hoes.

But that didn't stop her from turning up. If you thought Big D was coming in hot before, you'd better brace yourself for what she says this time.

The teenager goes straight for Dr. Phil's jugular, launching a majorly personal attack on his career.

A clip from the interview shows Dr. Phil asking Danielle,

You've gotten a lot of attention on the internet since you were here, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

She simply replies, "Both." To which the host asks, "What's good about it?"

Then the little fire-breather comes out with this absolute zinger:

I guess what's good for you is I made you just how Oprah made you. You were nothin' before I came on this show.


The doctor can brush it off all he wants, but we know that comment is tearing him up inside and will, ultimately, be the root of many, many sleepless nights. #PrayForDrPhil.

He calmly looks at the camera and responds:

Thank you for that.

She quips, "No problem."

It's a scary exposure of the strange power this girl wields, and a harsh reminder no one, anywhere, in their right-thinking mind, would ever want to be caught outside alone with Big D.