This Virtual Cruise Is The Next Best Thing To Actually Booking A Vacation


If you ever wanted to experience a vacation on the world's emptiest cruise, Carnival has a fun little treat just for you and your desire to go on fancy vacations without the fear of having to talk to anybody!

I love the idea behind this YouTube upload a lot. Using a 360-degree video to put yourself on a cruise? Sign me up! It's like getting a small vacation without having to take any PTO or deal with Newark Airport.

But why did Carnival do this on a ship with maybe 20 people on board? The video starts off with Carnival marooning you on a deserted island and then plops you in a practically empty bar before you head to the bow of the ship to look out into the sunset with nothing but the crushing fear of loneliness to keep you company as you contemplate whether dying alone is such a bad thing.

I have to assume Carnival cruises have more people on them than is suggested in the video, but I can't be too sure.

So here is your chance, Carnival. Send me on a cruise so I can confirm people go on your cruises. You know, FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY. Please.

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