Woman Hilariously Rewrites Captions On Old Instagram Pics After BF Cheats

You know how revenge is best served? Petty and scathing.

This girl knows the score. When she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her, she didn't call his mom or set his wardrobe on fire.

No, she took a deep breath and thought long and hard about her rebuttal.

We're so glad she did.

Over time, she sneakily edited the Instagram captions under photos of her and her ex... and they're BEAUTIFUL.

Take a long, hard look at this blurry-faced justice:


So, so good. Some of the best captions are a bit cryptic, like this one:


YES, GIRL! Thaw the ice-cold heart of every cheating victim out there with your hilarious revenge. You are an inspiration to us all.


She even manages to throw a jibe at his baseball skills. Nice. What a babe.



Come on, cheaters: These revenge stories are getting all too common now. Just own your shit, will you?