We Can All Feel For Science Teacher Who Accidentally Said 'Orgasm' Instead Of 'Organism'


Teachers have a lot on their plates.

They're responsible for molding the minds of children who will become the leaders of our future, and there's not too much room for mistakes.

But, hey, teachers are people too — and you need to cut 'em some slack once in a while.

Sometimes, they'll forget your name. Other times, they'll say "orgasm" instead of "organism" in front of a class full of middle school kids.


It's true. A teaching nightmare became a reality for a middle school science teacher, whose screenshots of her mortified Snapchat were posted to Imgur on Sunday, admitting her language malfunction.



The first Snapchat showed the teacher pondering into the distance, seemingly tortured for her classroom mistake.

The real banger is revealed in the second photo, when she admits that her entire class full of 13-year-olds — all 30 of them — witnessed her saying "orgasm" instead of "organism."

Don't beat yourself up over it, girl! Shit happens, and we've all been there.

In fact, you aren't the only teacher who's had an embarrassing moment in the classroom. There are plenty of 'em, and a lot have confessed their mistakes on Twitter.

One teacher said "boobs" instead of "boots."

Another mixed up "grinding" and "writing."

Umm, were these teachers joking?! C'MON.

As you can see, teachers are human, and humans make mistakes.

Be careful if you're ever trying to draw a diagram of the Grand Canyon, though.