This Calculator Reveals How Much Of Your Town You've Actually Slept With

You may have heard of the Sex Degrees of Separation calculator by LloydsPharmacy, which approximates how many sexual partners to which you've been indirectly exposed.

Now, if you're in the mood for a double dose of shame and shock, you can head over to Dr. Ed's for a calculator that'll tell you what percentage of your specific town you've hypothetically boned.

You'll have to handle the visualization of that scenario on your own, though.

How does it work exactly? In theory, every time you sleep with someone -- let's say your English Lit TA, for example -- you're also indirectly exposed to all the other naive students who slept with that TA before you and all the awkward high schoolers those students slept with before coming to college... and so on and so on.

Feeling grossed out, yet?

As far as the percentage of a city goes, though, it's all relative. In other words, you may have theoretically slept with the entire town of Essex Junction, Vermont, but that's only 0.24 percent of Los Angeles.

Basically, this calculator further proves there are plenty of fish in the sea... fish to get STDs from. 

Along with being a fun game, the Sexual Exposure Calculator might actually be an effective way to encourage more people to get STD tests, to the delight of fear-mongering sex ed teachers everywhere.

Although, nothing will promote total abstinence quite like the "Miracle of Life" horror show.

Give the calculator a go below.

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