Brother Trolls Sister With The Family Christmas Card

Having a sibling is a special relationship. They have to love you unconditionally so you can prank them all you want, and they can't stay mad.

Morgan Svobodny, a 20-year-old from Minnesota, is often the victim of her 23-year-old brother Zachary's pranks.


Morgan told Buzzfeed News,

He's creative to say the least. I'm not sure where he comes up with these things in his head — he's comically talented really.

To get a feel of what a great prankster Zachary is, check out this gift he gave his little sister a few years ago. It's a spin on the traditional "365 Note Jar."


Ah, sibling love.

This year, he wanted to bring the whole family in on the joke so...

He sent out this Christmas card to other members of the family.


Not so bad, right? Just a quick photoshop of his sister with rapper Chief Keef...

Except he included a note from the "couple."


Around the holidays, it isn't unusual to send a quick letter recapping all of the things that have happened to you during the year.

However, Zachary took the chance to tell his family members that Morgan had begun dating Chief Keef, dropped out of college and that she may be pregnant with his baby (well, it might be his).

Morgan didn't even know about the prank until her aunt called her. She said,

My Aunt Jen called me regarding my 'new boyfriend' and that she had gotten a Christmas card in the mail. At this point, I knew Zach was at the bottom of it.

The siblings are rap fans, but Zachary went with Chief Keef as the imaginary boyfriend because the song titles were top notch for freaking out relatives.

Morgan said,

I'm anxious to see what other family members have to say about it.

Hopefully Zachary got his comedy from somewhere and the family has a sense of humor about it.

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