This Guy Wins Boyfriend Of The Year For Making The Cutest Birthday Gift Ever

When Reddit user Matmospheric had to find a present for his girlfriend's birthday, he decided to forgo the traditional route and, instead, create something she could actually enjoy.

Knowing his girlfriend has a soft spot for sweets, the loving dude baked 50 individual bite-sized cheesecakes for his lady, each a different flavor.

Matt posted pictures of the platter to Imgur on Tuesday, one showing the perfect, untouched cakes, and a second adorable snap showing each of the treats with one bite taken out. He captioned the latter,

She's eating them one bite at a time.

The sweet gift quickly became a hit on the photo-sharing site, with nearly 250,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Most of the commenters were totally moved by the boyfriend's sweet gesture, with a few jokingly asking if he'd be their boyfriend. The way to a woman's heart is, after all, through her stomach — and this guy just won over the hearts of pretty much every lady on the Internet.

A+ gift giving, dude.

Check out the thoughtful and seriously cute present below.