Little Boy Dives Onto Bride's Wedding Dress During Wedding Ceremony

Children and weddings go together about as well as beer and liquor, which is to say, not at all. New bride Tanya Monaghan learned this lesson the hard way.

While walking down the aisle at her wedding last Friday, Monaghan was interrupted by her adorable 4-year-old nephew, Rhys, who had spontaneously leapt onto the train of her gown.

Though several guests seemed troubled by the interruption, it didn't bring the lovely bride down one bit. As her sister, Antonia Malone, told the Irish Independent,

Tanya's friend picked him up and she continued on to marry the love of her life. We had the most fantastic day ever.

A short video of the nephew's wedding dress dive bomb made its way to YouTube, where it's been viewed nearly 225,000 times.

Watch the super-cute clip up top.

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