This Bomb Scare Apparently Ended Up Being A Buzzing Sex Toy

When a resident in the northern Italian town of Modena heard "suspicious vibrations" coming from a recycling bin on Wednesday night, he or she immediately alerted the police.

According to Huffington Post, this call prompted a bomb scare, causing police to shut down the entire street and section off a 650-foot radius for fire crews to investigate. Once they got to the recycling bin, however, all they found was a buzzing sex toy.

Apparently, its batteries hadn't been removed before its disposal and it somehow turned on, hence the mysterious vibrations. Fire crews were likely relieved they didn't have an actual bomb on their hands, though similar mistakes have been fairly common as of late.

Just last September, Genoa authorities shut down a train station platform after a pressure cooker filled with minestrone soup was mistaken for a bomb.

So, what can we all learn from this incident? If you're going to dump your old vibrators, at least take out the batteries first. It'll save your local bomb squad a lot of time and energy.

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