The Feline Lovers At The Cat Art Show In LA Will Make You Say 'Meow'

On Thursday, "Cat Art Show LA 2" opened to a huge crowd of cat fanatics and art lovers alike. The art was ah-mazing, unsurprisingly; but what struck me was the fashion sense of this crowd.

Because this is a cat-themed art show in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, pretty much anything goes.

For instance, if you want to wear a bathing suit with your mom's wool "Working Girl" pants from 1987, you can! Not that anyone did that of course...

Here are the best dressed catshionistas from LA's hottest, cattiest art exhibit.

Old Hollywood glamour meets kitty couture.

Yas, darling.

I mean that dress is just to die, and I can't get over her sparkly cat eye. She looks absolutely divine from head to toe.

Cutest Couple Ever

So cute I can't even.

It comes as no surprise that the dude in this adorable duo made one of the best pieces in the gallery. They looked literally so sweet, I had to fight the urge to take a bite out of both of them. Don't judge, it's a totally normal reaction.

Cat Woman IRL


Cat Woman doesn't hold a candle to this cheetah-printed beauty. She also had the most amazing tattoo of Bernie Sanders dressed up like Robin Hood.

This tattoo says it all.

Does it get any better than that?

Cat ties and smokey eyes, oh my!

The definition of fierce.

I spotted these two dapper cat lovers and couldn't not snap a pic of their fresh looks. Between that cat tie, the gloves, claws and leopard print ears -- not to mention the cheetah bling -- these two set the bar so, so high.

Harry Potter, Jr.

The only actual cat in attendance, this baller Sphynx did a great job of showing us all a couple pointers on looking fly as f*ck.

And the award for best dressed of them all goes to...


Paul Koudounaris -- aka the guy who did the Cat Warhol photograph -- was by far the most badass of the bunch. Obviously, with a look that was part pirate, part Mad Hatter and a dash of steampunk, he demanded the attention of the entire room. Thank you, Paul, for showing the rest of us how it's done.

After going to the opening night of "Cat Art Show LA 2," I could not be more in love with cat-adoring Angelenos. I think we always assumed this city to be full of trendsetters, but who knew they also have hearts of gold.